Elsi Open-Air Kino: Hip-Hop don’t stop

Do. 22.7 Stylewars
(E & 69min)
A film by Tony Silver& Henry Chalfant
Doors: 21:00 Filmstart: 22:00
The documentary captures and includes many historical moments ofhip-hop Culture during its earliest days in the 1970s onward towards the early 1980s
„Style Wars is a work of art in its own right too, because it doesn’t just record what these artists are doing, it somehow absorbs their spirit and manages to communicate it across the decades so that we can find ourselves, so many years later, in the city, understanding what made it beautiful.“
⁃ A.O. Scott, New York Times (2009)

Sa. 7.8 Pixo
(Br, E Subtitles, 61min)
a film by João Wainer & Roberto T. Oliveira
Doors: 21:00 Filmstart: 22:00
„This video is SICK !
Styles and spots are next level. Europe need take some inspiration from Brazil.
Can someone tell me song at: 12:00.? Sound’s GOOD!“
⁃ Droppy Dog, vor 6 Jahren

Sa. 21.8 La Haine
(Fr, De Subtitles, 93min)
Doors: 21:00 Filmstart: 22:00
a film by Matthieu Kassovitz
Kassovitz beherrscht die Mittel eines Spike Lee und notfalls die Clip-Ästhetik, um eindringlich auf Verhältnisse hinzuweisen, die sich als Zeitbombe erweisen könnten,“
⁃ Leokino Cinematograph, 1995